Assessment Design
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Our Assessment Design section offers videos and related resources on best practices for assessment methods used in a virtual learning environment. For access, click the title below or the appropriate thumbnail to the right.

Contents of Assessment Design:
Assessing Student Learning
To begin our look at assessing student learning using an Assessment Literacy approach, we are joined by Dr. Destiny Reddick.

Seven Strategies of Assessment FOR Learning, Part 1
Incorporating research-based assessment strategies into the constraints of the classroom is a challenge. Jan Chappuis’ Seven Strategies of Assessment for Learning, is a practical approach we can all take to overcome that challenge. Materials here cover the first four strategies

Seven Strategies of Assessment FOR Learning, Part 2
We continue with the final three Strategies of Assessment FOR Learning.

Assessing FOR Learning Virtually
Identifying how we can best assess students AS and FOR learning is the first step. Next, we want to match how we will assess students with digital tools that will support our efforts in a virtual classroom.