Free Coding Platforms
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This video will cover 3 websites that can be used to teach coding. The websites are free, but have the option to upgrade to a paid subscription. The websites and resources will guide pre-k to 12th graders in learning the basics to coding and how to become an advanced coder.


Resource Library – Has free lessons for ages Pre-K to 8th grade.

  • A paid version includes high school lessons.
  • To explore how the program looks for a student, create a student account and join a sample classroom with the code: 44451974. Have fun! is your one-stop shop for a plethora of coding lessons.

  • Includes standard alignment, curriculum, and fun lessons for ages Pre-k to beyond high school.

Scratch– Pairs seamlessly with Google and many other programs.

  • Scratch is regularly updated and features a large community of coders sharing their work.
  • Scratch is designed for students aged 8-16.

Hopscotch was created for students 10-16.

  • Students are able to create their own games, publish and play other creator’s games.

App Inventor helps students aged 8-18+ create an app for download on their mobile devices.

  • Critical thinking skills are highlighted while learning to create an app.

Code Monkey is a very fun way to practice coding.

  • Suitable for ages Pre-K to 8th grade.


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