Standards and Project-Based Learning
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Outside of school, we go through our work days working in a series of projects.

  • We have a task.
  • We consider who needs to be involved with that task.

We then move forward with the collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity required to complete this task.

In the classroom, completing projects requires learning. In many ways, projects make the learning relevant by setting learning in a real world context. Projects naturally differentiate themselves and provide a structure for teachers to guide learning rather than being the fountain of all knowledge. If we are going to prepare students for a world beyond school then project-based learning is the way to do that.

Let’s take a closer look. Then, after viewing the video, review the resource library below and complete the module check-in to provide your feedback.


Resource Library

  • PBL Works – Tools and resources designed to build the capacity of K-12 teachers to design and facilitate quality Project Based Learning, and the capacity of school leaders to create a culture for teachers to implement great projects with all students.
  • Challenge Based Learning provides an efficient and effective framework for learning while solving real-world challenges.
  • 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs.


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